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Hi! I am Yafesi..
Re-kindle those games from the past (banos, shake, m'ngari) hobbies Learn now Recipes, home improvement, gardening, cars Fun facts, 5-minute crafts, work-outs, tips & tricks let's play shake banos anyone? Make videos too Free Playbooks for kids to work on at home resources Coming Soon Workbooks in math and languages Easy to comprehend material For all ages in all grades crafts workbooks

Here, learning is an adventure.

Learning something new should always be an adventure. While the world has changed in due to the impact of COVID-19, opportunities to get a new skill, re-engage with past or present interests or/and work closely with or children have presented themselves. Get to learning, creating and playing with the videos on here. Welcome to fun-learning.

Learning together builds relationships

Games from way back, are back.

Resources for learning, everything.

Strategies for struggling students

Opportunities for creative learning

Indoor and outdoor activities

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We all know education can sometimes get in the way of learning. At Kytabu, we have been building tools to re-introduce curiosity, creativity, and collaboration into the classroom, whether it is physical or virtual. Fun learning is an extension of that philosophy, but for at-home environments. We bring the best of our culture, our know-how and our fun childhood experiences to our children, in one, community-driven platform. Welcome to fun learning.

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How to use fun learning

Understanding your course workflow will move you along faster.


Identify your interest

What would you like to learn? Are there any specifics? Know what you would like to go away with.


Break the course into sections

Don’t try to do the whole course in one sitting or as a single day’s activity. Break it down into stages and have fun trying different things.


Make a learning plan

Doing your course with friends makes it easier and more achievable. If you choose to do it alone, create specific milestones and self rewards (like a treat) for yourself or your child.


Finish strong: practice

Once you are done, practice, practice, practice. Whether it’s baking a cake, remembering the periodic table or building a bed, practice makes perfect.

Find the live tutor for you

Find tutors that can teach you or your child what you need to learn, at your pace, on your timelines.

Designed for both children in school and adults looking to learn a new skill, live tutors give you an opportunity to get guided support in the material you are working to learn or understand. Try it and see.

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Feeling inspired to teach? We all are masters of something. If you are..

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Primary School Subjects

Secondary School Subjects

Tertiary Level Subjects

University Level Subjects

Apart from learning institutional subjects, we have created 16 general knowledge categories for you to choose from. We also have a space for just conversation over a cup of tea. We all could use those these days. Give it a try, you never know what you could learn about yourself.

Home and Life

Business and Money

Gadgets & Equipment

Let's have tea

Why this works

Learning happens everywhere through various forms and experiences. Research science has proven that there are no “learning styles” that are usually classified under VARK, which stands for Visual, Aural, Read/write and Kinesthetic. Everyone can learn, if you have a meaningful, fulfilling and responsive learning experience. Fun Learning courses are more than one-sided conversations. Get into a class and practice with your 9 other classmates in baking, changing tyres, painting, sketching or math, and see the learning experience blossom into collaboration and co-creation.

Combine this with proven teaching methods to understand easier and grasp technical concepts

Conceptualise: Grasp the idea

Collaborate: Learn how it's done

Create: Build up your knowledge

Counsel: Get constructive feedback

Comprehend: You win

We have three core learning values



We believe learning can and should be a fun and adventurous. We work to create that experience through our content.



Once you know what you know, you should be able to do it yourself freely. We encourage creativity and self-learning where possible.



Play is the act of enjoying the new knowledge you have. Be it math formulas or making a dress, nothing should be more exciting than the ability to do something new.

It's about community

Fun learning is about getting to know and do with your friends and family. So don’t do this alone, get everyone around you to participate and make something new together. Make your leaning fun.

Yafesi Musoke

"we have so much to teach each other as Kenyans"

The wealth of culture, crafts, and talent we have as Kenyans is so much, we should all teach each other!"

Ndindi and Tinashe

'I thought I was the only one that didn't know that!"

I found it hard to ask for help changing a light bulb. I thought I was the only one that didn't know that."

Mary Musembi

This is my lesson.

“I can’t believe how poor our Kiswahili is. Being an artist and loving my music in English and Swahili, it astounds me that other Kenyans struggle with our language so much. In fact, I will teach that!”

Viola Karuri